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Strip Clubbing Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts

Strip Clubbing Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Planning to have the best night with your boys at one of the best Fortitude Valley strip clubs?

Before doing so, here is a rundown of the top dos and don’ts every strip clubbers ought to know.

Do buy a couple of drinks.

People often forget that a strip club is basically a business where employees and the dancers depend on its earnings for their salaries. You may walk in and get easily carried away with all the tantalising lights, deafening club music, and the hottest ladies on stage.

However, a strip club is not a place for free live entertainment. You need to shell out a few bucks to pay for drinks, as these are one of the main sources of the club’s revenue.

Don’t forget to tip the staff and dancers.

If you happen to have found one of the best Fortitude Valley strip clubs, you’ll surely get exceptional adult entertainment, exquisite drinks, and superb in-house service. For that reason, it is only right you hand over a few dollars to the bartender, waitresses, or the dancers for giving you the best night.

Do befriend the bar employees.

Taking some time to have a chat with the bartender, the waiters, the bouncers, or the club manager is a great way to spend a valuable portion of your time in the club. Doing that will come in handy in the future; if the club staff members become familiar with you, they are most likely going to greet you whenever you enter the door next time.

Furthermore, befriending the workers or the manager can be your gateway to having easy access to private shows and VIP rooms.

Don’t go around touching the ladies.

The dancers at Fortitude Valley gentlemen’s clubs are definitely one of the most beautiful ones all across Queensland. Thus, tons of men make the mistake of getting carried away and touching the girls without asking for consent.

Touching is not only extremely rude, but is also quite freaky for the girls. If you are really dying to caress those beautiful bodies, the best thing to do is ask. You might end up with a peaceful negotiation.

Do always have self-control.

Don’t be one of those lame men who allow alcohol to take over their mind and body. If you don’t want to get kicked out of the club, drink moderately and only consume the amount of liquor that you can handle.


Now that you got an idea of the proper strip clubbing etiquette, it’s about time you chose your top dog out of all the Fortitude Valley strip clubs.

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