Fabulous Perks of Being a Stripper in Brisbane

Fabulous Perks of Being a Stripper in Brisbane

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Want to work as a stripper? If you work in Brisbane, particularly in Fortitude Valley, you can earn big and enjoy fabulous perks at the best club in town.

Find the classiest or most high-end club and you’ll have access to patrons with cash to burn.  

As long as you have what it takes to be a hot sexy fantasy, you just have to find the best strip club Fortitude Valley has to offer. Then, you can apply to be a stripper, and start a wonderful career in Brisbane.

What Are the Great Perks of Being a Stripper in Brisbane?

If you work as a stripper in Brisbane, you can have tons of great benefits like:

Earn Big Cash

Australia is known as the best place to work as a stripper. This is because of its legal rules in place when it comes to adult entertainment, and the acceptance of the people regarding such profession.

This leads more and more patrons to visit clubs each night, which means more earnings for strippers as well.

You’re Protected by the Law

The adult entertainment industry is a common place for people with high sexual urges. This means that patrons could grope or touch you inappropriately.

If you don’t want such advances to happen, and you simply want to perform, the Australian legislation protects you. You can tell the patron not to do such acts, or call security personnel if they persist.

This means that the law puts you in control of your career.

Don’t miss to look for a strip club Fortitude Valley strippers trust, and with good management to take care of your welfare. This is to keep yourself safe whilst doing your job each night.

Enough Room for Improvement and Opportunities

Working as a stripper in a big city like Brisbane gives you enough space for growth. You can even have good national or international opportunities too.

As long as you’re in the right club, you are sure to improve as a stripper. That translates to higher rates as well.

You also have the chances to join big events like the Miss Nude Australia and Sexpo. This could make you a popular stripper, which means better-paying clients would be seeking you.

All of those perks begin when you find the best strip club in Brisbane where you can work. Find one that manages their strippers well and one that could provide enough security for you.

There are many great clubs all over Brisbane. Just like in Fortitude Valley, for example, you can see Eye Candy Bar as one of the best strip club Fortitude Valley has.

Simply connect with them, and express your interest to be a stripper.

Strip Clubbing Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts

Strip Clubbing Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Planning to have the best night with your boys at one of the best Fortitude Valley strip clubs?

Before doing so, here is a rundown of the top dos and don’ts every strip clubbers ought to know.

Do buy a couple of drinks.

People often forget that a strip club is basically a business where employees and the dancers depend on its earnings for their salaries. You may walk in and get easily carried away with all the tantalising lights, deafening club music, and the hottest ladies on stage.

However, a strip club is not a place for free live entertainment. You need to shell out a few bucks to pay for drinks, as these are one of the main sources of the club’s revenue.

Don’t forget to tip the staff and dancers.

If you happen to have found one of the best Fortitude Valley strip clubs, you’ll surely get exceptional adult entertainment, exquisite drinks, and superb in-house service. For that reason, it is only right you hand over a few dollars to the bartender, waitresses, or the dancers for giving you the best night.

Do befriend the bar employees.

Taking some time to have a chat with the bartender, the waiters, the bouncers, or the club manager is a great way to spend a valuable portion of your time in the club. Doing that will come in handy in the future; if the club staff members become familiar with you, they are most likely going to greet you whenever you enter the door next time.

Furthermore, befriending the workers or the manager can be your gateway to having easy access to private shows and VIP rooms.

Don’t go around touching the ladies.

The dancers at Fortitude Valley gentlemen’s clubs are definitely one of the most beautiful ones all across Queensland. Thus, tons of men make the mistake of getting carried away and touching the girls without asking for consent.

Touching is not only extremely rude, but is also quite freaky for the girls. If you are really dying to caress those beautiful bodies, the best thing to do is ask. You might end up with a peaceful negotiation.

Do always have self-control.

Don’t be one of those lame men who allow alcohol to take over their mind and body. If you don’t want to get kicked out of the club, drink moderately and only consume the amount of liquor that you can handle.


Now that you got an idea of the proper strip clubbing etiquette, it’s about time you chose your top dog out of all the Fortitude Valley strip clubs.

You may browse the web for a complete list of local gentlemen’s club or directly head on over to www.candyclub.com.au.

5 Amusing Bucks Party Entertainment Options

5 Amusing Bucks Party Entertainment Options

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You wouldn’t want your bucks party to become extremely boring. You want everyone, especially the Bucks, to have a great time.

Thus, you should come up with amusing bucks party entertainment ideas to help you have a fantastic party ahead.

Thing is, there are some of these that you can do right in a strip club. Therefore, you can simply incorporate these ideas whilst you’re having a great time with the hot chicks in the house.

Bucks Party Ideas You Can Consider

You can’t just simply hit the strip club and do your bucks party. Of course, you need some activities to spice things up.

To help you, here are few ideas you can consider:

  • Card and Board Games

A classic choice; bring in some decks of cards and few board games you can play. Have a great time in a sort of competitive way whilst trying to outwit each other. A game of poker would be great during a buck’s night.

Of course, it would be best to have overflowing cold drinks for everyone to enjoy.

  • Casino Game Device

Nowadays, you can easily purchase casino gaming device from shopping centres. These include roulette, dominos, or mini slot machines.

This lets you enjoy casino games whilst having sexy bikini chicks around you.

  • Classic or Latest Video Games

If the buck is a gamer or a game geek, there are no questions that challenging him with his favourite game is a fantastic bucks party entertainment idea. Of course, you can also choose the classic ones like Mario and Bomber Man for good laughs.

You just have to bring handheld gaming device into the club, and let the girls cheer or distract your oppoents with their hotness.

  • Drinking Contest

Of course, since there are cold drinks available, might as well put them to good use. Consider doing some drinking games.

You can prepare identical bottles of wine, for example, and then ask the contestants to finish their share in the least amount of time. Competing who’ll drop first because of drunkenness is also a good idea.

Just make sure some of you would remain sober to take care of the rest of the party, and if you need somebody to drive afterwards.

  • Dance Bucks Party

If there are hot ladies willing to dance for you, you can certainly join them. You just have to talk with the DJ or the management to prepare the best danceable music for your party.

Remember to keep your hands away from any exposed skin of the girls to avoid inappropriate groping. You can do it if they’d allow you to, however.

These are just 5 of the fantastic bucks party entertainment ideas you can enjoy in a club. All you need is to keep these things in mind, and hit the best strip club near you like the OMFGs.