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5 Amusing Bucks Party Entertainment Options

5 Amusing Bucks Party Entertainment Options

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You wouldn’t want your bucks party to become extremely boring. You want everyone, especially the Bucks, to have a great time.

Thus, you should come up with amusing bucks party entertainment ideas to help you have a fantastic party ahead.

Thing is, there are some of these that you can do right in a strip club. Therefore, you can simply incorporate these ideas whilst you’re having a great time with the hot chicks in the house.

Bucks Party Ideas You Can Consider

You can’t just simply hit the strip club and do your bucks party. Of course, you need some activities to spice things up.

To help you, here are few ideas you can consider:

  • Card and Board Games

A classic choice; bring in some decks of cards and few board games you can play. Have a great time in a sort of competitive way whilst trying to outwit each other. A game of poker would be great during a buck’s night.

Of course, it would be best to have overflowing cold drinks for everyone to enjoy.

  • Casino Game Device

Nowadays, you can easily purchase casino gaming device from shopping centres. These include roulette, dominos, or mini slot machines.

This lets you enjoy casino games whilst having sexy bikini chicks around you.

  • Classic or Latest Video Games

If the buck is a gamer or a game geek, there are no questions that challenging him with his favourite game is a fantastic bucks party entertainment idea. Of course, you can also choose the classic ones like Mario and Bomber Man for good laughs.

You just have to bring handheld gaming device into the club, and let the girls cheer or distract your oppoents with their hotness.

  • Drinking Contest

Of course, since there are cold drinks available, might as well put them to good use. Consider doing some drinking games.

You can prepare identical bottles of wine, for example, and then ask the contestants to finish their share in the least amount of time. Competing who’ll drop first because of drunkenness is also a good idea.

Just make sure some of you would remain sober to take care of the rest of the party, and if you need somebody to drive afterwards.

  • Dance Bucks Party

If there are hot ladies willing to dance for you, you can certainly join them. You just have to talk with the DJ or the management to prepare the best danceable music for your party.

Remember to keep your hands away from any exposed skin of the girls to avoid inappropriate groping. You can do it if they’d allow you to, however.

These are just 5 of the fantastic bucks party entertainment ideas you can enjoy in a club. All you need is to keep these things in mind, and hit the best strip club near you like the OMFGs.